My Work

My career is dedicated to one simple goal: improving the lives of others. Read below about the various projects I’ve worked on. Plus, learn more about my personal story here.

One of the things I learned when I started Rockway Production was web design. Over the years I have built more and more projects. Finally, in 2016 I decided to start taking on contract work under the name 1887 Design. I specialize in creating modern, elegant designs for small businesses and individuals.
I’ve been a huge supporter of FCA for years now.

In my senior year of college, I needed to secure an internship as a part of my degree in nonprofits.

I turned to my local FCA office and joined their staff as their intern. As a part of my work, I worked in local middle and high schools, equipping and encouraging student leaders, teachers, and coaches, to execute FCA’s mission.

As a part of my financial aid package when I started college, I needed to find a work study job. I did what I’ve always done when in need of a job, I looked for the one that was most foreign to me.

Among the list of desk clerks and secretaries was a posting for “Assistant Tree Planting Coordinator.” I interviewed, got the job and set to work learning a slew of new information about trees and local government.

Eventually, my supervisor asked to extend the job beyond the work study period.

Through that process, I learned not just about trees, but about the politics and inner workings of municipal government.

I joined the Town of Apex staff in the historic Halle Cultural Arts center in 2012. When you work for a small town, you end up doing a little bit of everything.

My main role was an audio visual technician, helping to produce the center’s plays, musicals, concerts and performances.

When I was 15, I had a lot of ideas I wanted to share with others. Things that I was learning about God and faith. So I would go to small group, or sit around the lunch table, and monologue for a minute or two, sharing these thoughts that I had. My problem, is that I never knew how to end them. Sometimes I would just stop talking, and say, “That was my Jesus thought.”

My friend Logan Dodson and I decided to get together and create seomthing from these thoughts. We wrote shot and edited a series of 8 minute (or so) films, called JesusThoughts.

In 2013, I decided to expand the scope of JesusThoughts’ work. I built a team and a board, and we incorporated as a nonprofit. JesusThoughts began to produce films, articles, even an album to Equip People to Encounter God.

In 2017, that season came to an end, and we dissolved JesusThoughts as our team went our separate ways. To this day, knowing has taught me more about leadership than my work with JesusThoughts.

In 2012, while I was starting Rockway Production, I responded to an ad on Criagslist looking for someone to help launch a church.

I responded to the ad and later that week met with a young man named Austin King.

Austin was a worship director from Florida, and was working with his friend Mike Santiago to launch a church: FOCUS Church.

I got involved and became FOCUS’ Production Director and their first local staff member. I got my friends involved and had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I also got a raw look at how church happens. This process taught me a lot about people, leadership and myself.

On FOCUS’ 1 year anniversary, after serving for about 18 months. I felt I had accomplished my goal, to help launch a church, and stepped away from my role.

My first business. When I was in high school, I started working freelance audio visual work as a subcontractor. I started regularly contracting with on particular client, and started hiring friends to help me carry the load. I took my old Jeep, threw my new company’s logo on it and set to work. Eventually, I started pursing my own clients.

This experience taught me most of what I know about business: social media, web design, advertising, book keeping, customer service, and more.

When I started college, I dissolved Rockway Production after running it at a profit.

As a part of a high school internship, I worked as a youth intern at Hope Community Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I spent a lot of time working with the youth staff to put on events, produce digital content, and execute Sunday services.

This was my first experience working in ministry.

In 2017, a part of my work with FCA, I served at the 2017 United Converse in Knightdale, North Carolina.

My main role was to promote FCA to students at the event, but I also helped coordinate a conversation on diversity and racial reconciliation, an issue that continues to be close to my heart.

As a part of my degree at NC State, I took a class on Non Profit Leadership and Development.

This class included an internship at a local nonprofit. I choose to serve at Marbles Kid’s Museum in Raleigh, North Carolina. I spent much of my time completing administrative work, but also served guests directly.

Every year, I volunteered my time with the Special Olympics North Carolina at their opening ceremonies for the summer games. I usually lent my experience in lighting and audio to produce the event.

I looked forward to this event every year. Serving these young athletes was incredibly rewarding, and helped me grow as an individual.